Tips for an effective software asset management tool

If you have purchased a software asset management tool, you must know how to use it properly if you wanted an effective result and excellent performance from the software. You should know too well that today, keeping an eye on all of your devices as well as licenses and properties aren’t always easy. You have to make sure that you are going to establish a mechanism that has the


capability to record all the valuable items in your business. Here are some tips from justsamit to effectively use the software asset management tool.

Always calculate the depreciation of the asset

There is software that will let you track for how long a device would be recognized as valuable for usability or for reselling. If ever you assign more devices to your staff all the while comprehending as to how long would these devices be held for usability for the operation can assure you that you won’t be buying new devices shortly and you would depend on your devices for as long as it still functions.

However, not all vendors can provide a calculator for asset depreciation so make sure that you know that there is one before you purchase the software because it is very convenient both for you and your business.


Check for geolocation

Also, you have to make sure that you consider the geolocation of the software. Not all software provide services for geolocation, but it can be very useful when it comes to tracking down all devices that you’ve lost through classified ads.

You are considered lucky enough to find a software asset management tool with geolocation services because you will be able to use t


his service on mobile point staff, finding certain programs that run smoothly and also upgrading devices using old components.

Remote control should always be enable

You know it’s a good software whenever you find a remote control. However, this is very rare irony to the fact that it is required and convenient for an IT department regardless if you’re going to use a software asset management tool or not.

Remote control will be able to patch into different devices even from distant locations. For instance, if your director is on vacation in London and he won’t be given access to the VPN of the company, the IT department will set on his desktop to solve the problem.


Integrate active directory

This is one of the most common features so far in different software asset management tool. Always keep in mind that whenever you are choosing which software asset management tool to buy, make sure that it is supported by the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol in order to link the software and the rest of the directory easily and hassle-free.

You should be able to store as much information on your devices in the directory, and then you can transfer all the data into the software management tool in just a few clicks.

Fashion styles advice that Muslims can follow

Muslim women can still wear trendy clothes and be modest too! They can follow the dress rules of Islam while still looking fashionable. There are many clothes that Muslimah can wear, from blouses to skirts. You can get many of this Muslimah appropriate attire from online stores like milktee.
You do not have to wear a blouse that does not look great, Muslimah, such as yourself, can still be trendy looking and wear the latest fashions if you follow these tips. Muslim women can dress in the style tips that are advocated by this article, so they can still look beautiful whatever style they choose to attire themselves in.

Buy clothes online
Consider purchasing your clothes online. This will make it easier and cheaper to buy your clothes without having to go online-shopping-for-dressto the store. Buying blouses for Muslimah online is a much more hassle-free experience than buying blouses in a physical store. Online stores also have a larger collection that you can choose from. In contrast, some physical stores may run out of inventory in different sizes or colours.
There are also many online stores that cater specifically to Muslimah, so you can browse through what they have in stock to find something you like. If you buy online from these Muslimah exclusive stores, you can find something that is appropriate more easily.
Wear a colourful hijab
If you wear a hijab, it does not always have to be black or a solid colour. One way to make your hijab stand out is by wearing a head scarf that has a pattern. This can make your hijab look beautiful, while still keeping your head and hair appropriately covered.
Hijabs do not have to be drab; you can wear c

colorful hijab

olourful head scarves to create a fresh new look for yourself. What is better is that a colourful hijab is still following the law of the Qur’an. So it is still okay for Muslimah to wear a colourful hijab.

Pick clothes that suit body type
Different body types will need different clothing styles and cuts to flatter the body type. Muslimah should avoid wearing tight fitting and revealing clothes because this is inappropriate and does not follow tradition. Tight clothes can also look unflattering.
Skirts are a good choice for Muslimah to wear because long skirts are modest and humble, and long skirts also look great on many Muslimah body shapes and sizes. Remember to wear skirts that have thick fabrics because fabrics that are too thin can reveal your body.
Coordinate your colours
You can wear colourful outfits; just remember to stick to one or two colours only. Wearing too many colours on a single outfit can make you look very messy. It is always better to look neat as a Muslimah by colour coordinating your attire. Colour coordination is one of the basic rules of fashion styling, which Muslimah can follow.

colorful muslimah outfit

From buying Muslimah Blouses online to wearing the appropriate clothing types, there are many things that Muslim women can do to appear humble, while still looking fashionable.

Eight benefits of studying in IT in Malaysia


Are you thinking about getting your studies and diploma in IT in Malaysia? Malaysia is a great place to get a diploma in IT. If you are still thinking about studying IT in Malaysia, you should read through this article from Mantissa College to help convince yourself to take your studies in IT to Malaysia.

1. Low costs of tuition and living expenses

Malaysia has very competitive prices for its educational programs. The value you get from studying IT in Malaysia is very high. Compared to how much you will be paying for your education, you can get a lot from your education in Malaysia. Not only does the low tuition cost help you save money, but you could also save money because the costs of living expenses are cheap too. So a student could easily study IT in Malaysia for a relatively reasonable price.

2. Diversity of students

Malaysia is a destination for many international students, including those looking to get a diploma in IT. If you study in Malaysia, you have got the chance to meet all new kinds of people from all over the world. Getting an education in Malaysia will mean that you get to expose yourself to different cultures in your life as a student.

3. Malaysian university partnerships with western universities

You can get the UK, US, and CA level university education in Malaysia. Many Malaysian universities are actively partnering with international schools to increase their effectiveness in teaching. The courses and subjects you will be studying in Malaysia will be the same as others educational systems. Studying IT in Malaysia will be as if you got a quality US education.

4. Safety for students

Malaysia has very low crime rates, and it is also a safe place to live. Malaysia boasts being one of the safest places to live in the world. If you want to keep your student life experiences carefree and free from danger, then there will not be a better decision than studying in Malaysia.

5. Rich culture and history

Malaysia has a very rich culture, and it has had a very long history too. Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures, and if you decide to study IT in Malaysia, you get to experience all the best in Asian cultures has to offer.

6. Welcoming and friendly Malaysians

Malaysians are some of the friendliest people in the world. As a student, you will get to experience that hospitality and friendliness first-hand. You will feel right at home if you choose to travel to Malaysia, and study IT there.

7. Great food

Malaysia is known as one of the countries with the best cuisines. If you study IT there, you will not have to suffer bad food at all. You get to experience the tasty dishes of different Asian cuisines in Malaysia.

8. Learn English too!

English is one of the main languages spoken in Malaysia. If you already speak it, you will have no problems communicating with other students and your teacher. And if you want to practice learning English, Malaysia is a great place to get your Diploma and improve your language skills.

Advice On Finding Good Office Space In Singapore

Finding office space to rent in Singapore is not easy because it is one of the largest cities in the world. Plus, you’ll have many options to choose from, and when you are walking around the city, you’ll notice that there are many signs. You might be tempted to choose the first space you come across, but you don’t want to do this.

You need to know a few things before deciding on anything. With that said, we have provided you with some tips from Read on to find out what they are.

1. Know What Your Requirements Are- What exactly are your requirements? For example, you need to know how many people will be using the space and how much furniture you’ll need. Not only that, but you need to figure out what will be going on in the office on a daily basis. The key is to note everything because if you don’t want to get stuck with an office that doesn’t do your business any good.

2. Location Matters- Location is important because it plays a role in how far you and your employees will have to travel to the office. You don’t want distance to get in the way of things, and you want to make it easier for customers and clients to visit the office. Some parts of the city can be a hassle to reach and you don’t want to make it hard for people to get to your office space, which is why location is important.

3. Budget- Assess your budget because this will make finding and choosing office space much easier. What you want to do is set aside an amount of money before you start your search, and then stick to your budget. This will help you find the best office without going way over a certain amount of money, so make sure you know how much you’re willing to spend and don’t budge on the budget.

Those are a few tips that can help you find a good office in the city. Sure, there are many other tips you can take into consideration, but those are the most helpful. Just remember, Singapore is a busy city and a large one, so there is no shortage of options, but this doesn’t mean that all office space is created equal.

Also, there are quite a few bad deals around, so be on the lookout for them because you don’t want to get ripped off and be out of a lot of money. The best thing to do is to research the area and the different deals, and learn everything about what you are going to be getting yourself into. The last thing you want is to get stuck with a bad office and then you’ll have to start looking for space all over again. If you keep the tips discussed in this article in mind, then sooner or later you will find the ideal office space to rent in Singapore, and with that said, you can start your search today.